Some exciting art projects are in the works to grace the campground at this year’s Winnipeg Folk Festival, ChrisD.ca reported.

As part of the festival’s art and animation program, artists have been working away on creative projects to display this summer.

One of the highlights is Biggest Little Circus, described as a high-energy explosion of circus street theatre with high skilled juggling, aerial acrobatics, and a “human changing room.” With a small cast of three, this really is the Biggest Little Circus show.

Galloping its way back from ancient times, a beautifully constructed Trojan horse will make its way to the campground. Climb on board the Trojan horse up to a platform to get a view of the festival like no other! This wooden structure will provide a meeting space for campers to relax, mingle and stargaze. The size of the horse will make it the perfect meeting spot to connect with your friends before heading to the festival site.

The Pyramid of Folk is open to folkies day and night to come in, unwind and relax. The beautifully carved walls will glow in a whimsical array of patterns at night and act as beacon for campers to meet and connect in this welcoming, happy atmosphere.

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