Several families who expected to be staying at Circle 9 Ranch in Epsom, N.H., this winter are scrambling to find new housing after a foreclosure at the $1.1 million, 144-site campground and RV park, the Concord Monitor reported.

Norm Gentry, who has owned the property since 2002, owes more than $111,000 in property taxes to the town dating to 2011, Tax Collector Dawn Blackwell said. After three years of nonpayment, the property could have been deeded to the town, Blackwell said, but the selectmen decided not to accept a tax deed. Blackwell said the selectmen would have become responsible for collecting rent from the campers if they’d pursued that avenue.

With a foreclosure auction scheduled for Friday (Oct. 3) at 11 a.m. at the campground, a new buyer, or the mortgage holder, will soon have to decide whether to keep collecting that rent or to evict the residents, some of whom have spent years living at the camp.

In the meantime, about 15 winter campers, some with families, received notification from Gentry earlier this month that they should plan to leave by mid-October.

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