The emerald ash borer is destroying business for campground owners like Michael Miller, the Fort Erie, Ontario, Times reported.

Miller, who owns Knight’s Hide-Away Park on Gorham Road, said “no help is available for anyone to save the trees” from the emerald ash borer, a beetle that attacks all species of true ash trees — though he is developing a plan to do just that.

The beetle, which is native to China and eastern Asia, was discovered in Windsor in 2002.

Miller said he is lucky because 40% of the trees on his campground are oak and other varieties.

Although losing his population of ash trees would be devastating, Miller said at least his campground wouldn’t be completely bare if the emerald ash borer took all of his ash trees.

Miller met Fonthill arbourist Andrew Cook last month, and he is working with Cook to develop a forest management strategy plan.

With Cook’s help, Miller will protect 23 of his ash trees from the emerald ash borer.

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