It’s been almost 15 years since campers have set up tents in Lake Ontario Park in Kingston, Ontario, but now the city will be holding consultations to bring a campground back to the King Street greenspace, according to Global News.

During Tuesday’s (Oct. 15) council meeting, councillors voted in favor of the city looking into a possible pilot project after Coun. Jim Neill, seconded by Deputy Mayor Peter Stroud, put forward a motion to establish short-term camping for cyclists in the park.

“We did have in the past a very extensive campground in Lake Ontario Park, and I understand that it had fairly high maintenance needs,” Neill said during the meeting.

The previous campground closed in 2005 before Lake Ontario Park went through a $5 million revamp, which finished in 2013. Along with the campground, the park lost a dog park, but gained more accessible walkways to the waterfront, a splash pad and accessible washrooms.

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