Two severe floods in as many months has a campground owner in Nova Scotia’s Colchester County considering closing his business, CTV News reported.

Winston Bennett, owner of Elm River Park in Lower Debert, says as many as 27 trailers were damaged when the nearby Debert River overflowed its banks in late September.

Some parts of the campground were knee-high in water, and Bennett says the flooding was the worst he has seen in the 25 years he has owned the park.

“If we’re going to get water like all of the time, this is, it’s absolutely untenable. We can’t keep going,” Bennett said.

He believes that, over time, silt and gravel carried by the runoff flowing down the Cobequid Mountains has been filling up the river’s bottom.

Tom Taggart, Bennett’s county councillor, agrees that unless the river bottom is cleared, things can only get worse.

“Just imagine this winter when the ice, we get the ice in the rivers and then we get these rains again and it comes down,” Taggart said. “It starts jamming and it’s just going to be, this is going to be never-ending until we fix this.”

Elm River Park is closed for the season and Bennett isn’t certain whether he will reopen in the spring.

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