The owner of the Strawberry Park campground in Preston, Conn., submitted a bank check Thursday morning (Oct. 16) to cover two tax checks worth a total of $26,280.32 that had been returned to the tax collector’s office Tuesday for insufficient funds, according to The Day, New London, Conn.
Hyman Biber delivered the bank checks – the form of payment required by the office under the circumstances – and included a $25 fee associated with the bounced checks. The tax bills pay the first installment owed on real estate associated with the campground. According to town records, Strawberry Park still owes $10,564 that was due Aug. 31 – which is one month later than tax bills are usually due (Preston passed its budget a month late).
On Tuesday, Tax Collector Hattie Wucik asked the selectmen for direction on how to address the situation. That morning, the town treasurer noticed that the tax collector’s bank account was overdrawn. She notified Wucik, who then called the bank to inquire about why. Bank officials told her the two checks submitted by the campground could not be deposited because of insufficient funds.
The selectmen discussed the issue briefly at the regular meeting Thursday evening. But when two residents asked questions about Biber’s delinquent taxes – and whether he had paid interest and late fees – the selectmen curtailed discussion, saying they did not want to single out one specific delinquent taxpayer for discussion.
Congdon said interest and late fees are automatic on all delinquent bills, even those late by one day.