People from around Hickman County, Ky., met with National Geographic on Thursday (Feb. 25) at the activity center at Columbus-Belmont State Park. The magazine wants to promote Kentucky’s four Mississippi River counties, television station WPSD reported.

The Indian Campground in Arlington has been giving people a place to enjoy the outdoors for the last three years.

“It’s just a good place to be,” said the campground’s owner, Gene Bolin.

Colin said it’s costing him tens of thousands of dollars, and at this point he’s not making any profits from it.

“It’s been one large money pit so far, but we have hopes,” Bolin said.

National Geographic wants to promote Ballard, Carlisle, Fulton and Hickman counties by adding them to a website dedicated to helping tourists find attractions along the Mississippi river.

“These beautiful counties are part of the overall experience we hope to promote along the Mississippi River,” said Simon Jones, vice president of National Geographic’s partner company Solimar International.

Jones visited with people to get their ideas for the website. The goal is to have all the information in and content on the website by June.

Bolin hopes it can draw more people to the area and boosts business at his campground. “I may never see a profit out of it, but maybe my family will, my kids,” Bolin said.

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