David Crawford, owner of Crawford’s RV Park, is not pleased with the possibility of an additional 50-cent lodging surcharge in Jackson County, Ala.

Crawford addressed the county commission to share his concerns, the Scottsboro Clarion reported. “One of the maladies of our society today is that everybody refuses to take responsibility for their own actions. This is the way I see the lodging tax. Our short fall is not our visitors’ responsibility. This is our government; we are responsible for our government. We need to fund it with our own money,” he said.

His concerns are in response to the possibility that the commission will impose the surcharge to help balance the county’s budget.

Crawford explained that he does not feel that it is a visitor’s responsibility to balance the county’s general fund. “It’s not their burden,” he said. He likened the surcharge to taxation without representation, and explained that that’s not what our forefathers fought for. “They risked life, limb and property to obtain the freedom for us to be free of taxation without representation, but we turn around and say it’s all right for us to do it. The people coming in here have no voice in our government. They just have to pay the bill and move on, or refuse to come.”

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