The Buffalo Chip Campground near Sturgis, S.D.,  still has some ground, both legal and physical, to cover before it gets the OK for an election to incorporate, the Rapid City Journal reported.

Kent Hagg, attorney for the campground, appeared Wednesday (Feb. 25) before the Meade County Commission, but he ended up asking for an extension to submit an amended incorporation petition.

The commissioners had a motion to deny the petition on Wednesday, but instead will carry it over to a 10 a.m. meeting today.

“The folks who signed the petition saw the map, but because of a mistake in the surveyor’s affidavit there is a question as to the description of the proposed town,” Hagg said. “We are not withdrawing the current petition that was filed last Thursday, we are just seeking to amend it.”

If Wednesday’s action sounds confusing, then it fits perfectly with the three-sided conflict among the city of Sturgis, which has taken drastic measures to block the Buffalo Chip’s bid for municipal status; the Buffalo Chip, which has tried to counter Sturgis’ every move; and the Meade County Commission, which will make the crucial decision, perhaps today.

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