“Electric tourists,” a new breed of traveler, began frequenting Washington’s Methow Valley this fall.

That’s what Anna Kominak calls the owners of electric vehicles who use a new charging station at Pine Near RV Park in Winthrop, the Methow Valley News reported.

“Our charger was installed on Sept. 23, and even though this is late in the tourist season, we’ve hosted 22 separate charging sessions as of Nov. 10,” said Kominak, co-owner of the RV park.

The electric vehicle charging station at Pine Near RV Park was the first installed in central Washington, and helped open the region to people traveling in electric cars. Another electric vehicle charging station was installed in early November at the Mazama Country Inn, and a third charging station is scheduled for installation soon at the Twisp River Pub.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to install a charging station at the RV park “was a no-brainer,” said Kominak. She began getting calls earlier this year from electric vehicle owners interested in using 50-amp power pedestals installed at the campground for recreational vehicles.

Those RV power pedestals take six hours to fully charge an electric car. The new electric vehicle charging station does the job in a couple of hours, Kominak said.

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