Woodhaven Lakes (photo by City of Rochelle)

Wood haven Lakes tornado aftermath (photo by City of Rochelle)

Monday night’s (June 22) tornado left substantial damage to the Woodhaven Lakes camping resort in Sublette, Ill., and with the possibility of more storms on the way, crews are working tirelessly to get the area cleaned up, television station WIFR reported.

Driving through Woodhaven Lakes, everything seems peaceful and calm, until you come up to the section torn apart by Monday’s tornado. “Seeing the property, I can’t put words to it. It’s the worst,” sayidWoodhaven Lakes Executive Director Karen Roche.

Trees and debris have been removed from all the roads, but now begins the real cleanup, clearing areas around electrical boxes and propane tanks. It’s the last step before everyone can return to their properties.

“We’re trying to do that as quickly as possible because I know the residents want to get in as soon as they can and we’re hoping that will happen very soon. Not today, however,” said Sheriff John Simonton.

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