The Falls County (Texas)  Commissioners Court recently considered bids for a one-time project for upgrading electric lines and outlets at Falls on the Brazos Park, the Marlin Democrat reported.

Ron Renfro of Renfro Services offered a proposal to fix electrical problems at the park’s campsites

He said that about 600 feet of current line caused a voltage drop, as part of the problem. He said that putting on a larger meter at the main, and separating restaurant and RV line disconnects, was the first thing he would change. Next was installing heavier lines. He said he would also install load centers that would break up the wiring to the RV sites in groups of four or five, rather than running them all on one line without any subgroupings.

After that, he had several bid options. One was replacing the pedestals for wiring at individual RV sites, and replacing security lights there. The second was to leave lights and plugs in place.

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