The Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and Campgrounds (MARVAC) has had a very successful year legislatively, amending the Michigan Vehicle Code to prescribe a maximum length of 65 feet when a motorhome tows a trailer and 75 feet for a recreation vehicle double.

MARVAC also insured that the Pure Michigan campaign, from which its members benefit, continues to be funded, MARVAC reported in its current newsletter.

“Our successes are a direct result of our ability to be politically active in Lansing and your support has helped our industry gain visibility,” the association stated. “Therefore, thank you to the following members and respective companies for their 2012 contribution to the MMH&RVCA Political Action Committee:

  • Loren Baidas, General RV, Wixom.
  • Bob Barnes,  Leisure Lake.
  • Mark Barrett,  Barrett & Associates.
  • Gary Becker, Indigo Bluffs RV Resort.
  • Mike Burnside, Camping World of Northern Michigan.
  • Jon Caswell,  Caswell RV.
  • Timothy DeWitt, MMH & RVCA.
  • Edgar Doss, Waters RV.
  • Dave Haylett,  Haylett North Country RV.
  • Carl Laming, Totem Pole Park.
  • Cindy MacDaniels, Leidy Lake Campground.
  • Barry Murray, International RV World.
  • Ronald Neff, American RV Sales.
  • David Rochette,  Westland Camping.
  • Bob Rohn, Lake of Dreams.
  • Joanne Schmid, River View Campground.
  • William Sheffer, MMH & RVCA.
  • Betty and Bill Workman, Vacation Trailer Park.
  • Phil Yedinak,  Beaver Trail Campground.

MARVAC concluded, “The recreation vehicle and campground industry has made great progress because of our strength in Michigan’s political arena. We look forward to even more progress in 2013. A friendly reminder for support is in your mailbox and we hope you will consider joining your fellow colleagues to keep our momentum going by sending in your contribution today!”