Price County, Wis., believes it can make itself more attractive to visitors and local residents by providing better broadband and wireless services for people all over the county — including people staying in the county campgrounds, television station WJFW reported.

Solberg Lake County Park in the Phillips area stands empty and snow-covered in the winter. But once warm weather comes back, campers could be enjoying Wi-Fi service throughout the popular park.

“We just thought that if we could improve that service there, and give them that ability to connect like they choose to do — because people, it’s becoming part of their lives — that would be a good thing we could do to help with that,” said Price County Economic Development Association President Dennis Rodewald.

Better connectivity in Price County might even encourage more people to move there.

The campground project is just a small first step in a larger broadband and wireless push by the Price County Economic Development Association.

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