Record number of campers are flooding campgrounds across the country emphasizing the single greatest problem in camping… finding a campsite. This problem is being solved by CampgroundViews.com‘s Campground Virtual Tours. Prospective campers can now tour hundreds of campgrounds and pick from any one of 3,500 campsites to book their stay, according to a press release.

“The virtual ability to see the roads, see the sites and click to book a campsite is what campers have demanded for decades,” stated Mark Koep, founder and CEO of CampgroundViews.com, “by integrating with the Recreation.gov platform we are solving a massive problem for millions of campers.”

“COVID restrictions set off a chain reaction that has driven travelers to the outdoors in RVs and campers. Record RV sales and record outdoor participation has strained the existing systems and popular campgrounds. The age-old problem of trying to find a campsite still lingers and “would be” campers are left to guess and hope that they are picking a good site with limited information,” states the release.

Unlike hotels, where everyone can fit in the same room and same bed, every camper is uniquely different. RVs and tent equipment come in different sizes, the camping groups have different numbers of people, and the campers themselves want different views and surrounding features. No technology has ever addressed this complex problem until the launch of the Campground Virtual Tours, according to the release.

“Finding the right site is a visual problem,” added Koep, “with the need to actually see if the site will work for you as a camper. By providing high-resolution video virtual tours and integrating an augmented reality information layer on the experience this new technology makes it easy for campers to see the exact site and campground they are booking.”

The technology has the added benefit of reducing barriers to camping, spreading out the demand to lesser-known locations and encouraging more people to enjoy the outdoors. When finding campsites campers are faced with limited information on tens of thousands of campground sites, states the release. For example many know of the handful of campgrounds inside Yellowstone National Park but how many know that there are 78 campgrounds within 50 miles of the park? These tours will empower campers to venture to lesser-known places with more confidence in their decisions, states the release.

Accessible at https://www.campgroundviews.com/. The Campground Virtual Tours are a new technology added to the existing search engine that already contains 50,000-plus photos, 3,000-plus videos and 16,000-plus campgrounds.