Campground Views CampgroundViews.com has released 800 Campground Virtual Tours and continues to tout its technology as “transformational” for the outdoor hospitality industry, according to a press release.

“It is often most under the cover of darkness and out of the bright lights that industries are transformed,” states the release. “Nimble startups who better understand the consumer, have a pulse on the problem, and can innovate in the face of uncertainty develop outside-the-box solutions to age-old problems. This is happening in the camping industry right now. CampgroundViews.com has just released its 800th Campground Virtual Tour completely changing the way campers discover and pick their next campsite.”

Leonard Zunga, an early adopter of the technology, summed up the transformational tech best “Congratulations! You get it. You are well on your way to achieving what may be the Holy Grail of modern-day campers. Yours is an effort so far unsurpassed by the many, many campsite finders I have looked at so I consider the format, data collection and updating methodology nothing short of genius.”

According to the release, Campground Virtual Tours addresses the pain every camper has experienced.

“Potential campers spend hours online searching, reading reviews and trying to find photos,” notes the release. “They take a leap of faith and book a site only to arrive a few weeks later to something completely different. Instead of a roomy picturesque spot, they are across from the dumpster and next to the restroom.”

Mark Koep

Mark Koep

“Information in an easy to use and consumable manner is what is missing,” said Mark Koep, CEO of Campground Views Inc., “our technology eliminates barriers to access, reduces hesitation, and helps campers enjoy a better camping trip.”

The 800th Campground Virtual Tour highlights East Meadow Campground near Sierraville, Calif. A “hidden gem” campground located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, “it is located next to a lake, in a wooded setting and still has plenty of campsites left in mid-June,” added Koep. “Without a Campground Virtual Tour campers would be hard-pressed to take a chance and visit this unique location.”

The majority of the 800 Campground Virtual Tours are of federal campgrounds that can be reserved through the Recreation.gov platform. The company released a Youtube video featuring the 800th park that you can watch below.

Link to the 800th Campground Virtual Tour (login required): https://www.campgroundviews.com/listing/east-meadow-campground/