Reservation software provider CampLife has launched a digital signature and document storage service to help parks manage liability with legally binding agreements, save money on office supplies and staffing, and put guests at ease with no-contact check-in, according to CampLife officials.

Parks using Sign+Store can create and securely manage an unlimited number of signed forms and other files as part of the reservation or guest record. Required forms can be automatically attached to new reservations (according to site type or other criteria). Or, campground staff can manually add forms and email requests for review and signature. Guests can type in required information and sign forms using their device’s touchscreen or a desktop — they never have to enter an office or handle shared screens, pens, or papers, noted CampLife officials.

CampLife displays the status of each file and a detailed history, showing who acted on a document, and when. Park staff have the option to reject submitted forms and signatures, add or resend documents for completion, and waive them if no longer applicable or collected in another way. All documents are securely stored in CampLife, accessible anytime by park staff with the proper permissions. Sign+Store makes it easier to present authenticated waivers and agreements and protect park interests if someone contests charges, policies, or liability.

“When a camper tells their credit card company not to pay a park because their expectations weren’t met, or they try to get around a waiver and shift legal responsibility to a park, the business can spend a lot of time, resources and energy defending themselves,” explained Tyler Duffy, CampLife’s president. “It’s a major headache. Now parks will have strong documentation at their fingertips that is digital, and easy to work with.”

The new CampLife feature also allows parks to attach images and other files to a reservation or guest record for quick reference — such as pictures of a motorhome or a vaccination certificate for canine campers — stored in the same secure way.

Comparable digital signature services can be costly and restrict business to only a few users or signatures per month. Sign+Store costs $5-$30 per month depending on the park’s size, but every park gets unlimited signatures and document uploads that are always accessible and never archived, and there’s no cap on user accounts. CampLife is also waiving the Sign+Store setup fee for all parks who activate prior to January 1.

“I’ve really appreciated CampLife through all this,” said Kristine Daniels, manager/owner of Normandy Farms. “Getting signatures electronically and storing them with the reservation will save us a lot of time and money. And the price is good, especially compared to what other services charge. I’m ready to activate this today.”

Sign+Store is CampLife’s third major release since March to help parks operate in a pandemic economy — it follows Guest Credit, and extends the functionality of Mobile Check-In. All three features help campgrounds prioritize the safety of guests and staff by removing the need for face-to-face check-in and contact with shared equipment and surfaces, and by making it easier for guests impacted by health and travel restrictions to postpone, rather than cancel their visit.

To learn more about CampLife or schedule a software demo, visit GetCampLife.com.