Park operators using CampLife reservation software are getting more control over dynamic rates and availability rules in their campgrounds, with the ability to create, edit, and remove custom rules on their own, according to officials from CampLife.

The new feature will debut at the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds’ (ARVC) 2019 Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo (OHCE), which is being held in Knoxville, Tenn. from Nov. 4-7.

CampLife is a new name, but the company and software have been established for over a decade. Campground Automation Systems, the makers of Sunrise reservation and park management software, rebranded to CampLife in May. The switch to CampLife unifies the company and product name, reducing confusion and making it easier to connect with campground operators who can benefit from the system, according to Tyler Duffy, CampLife’s president.

The introduction of a user interface (UI) to the CampLife rules system is a game changer because it allows park owners to adjust how their reservation software functions, explained company officials. New policies and business strategies can be implemented more quickly and easily because new software rules won’t always have to be created by CampLife staff.

You might be asking, “what are dynamic rules?”

Dynamic software rules identify conditions that cause the software to take specific actions, said CampLife officials. Park administrators can use rules to enforce or adjust business policies to maximize earnings or enhance guest experiences. Popular rule customizations include linking rates, stay requirements, suggested sites, day pass sales, and/or promotions to campground occupancy.

For example, a park owner could create one or more rules in CampLife to reach a target occupancy for the coming weekend. If more than 90% of the park is booked for those dates, a rule could waive a two-night minimum stay requirement, allowing one-night stays to fill up the remaining spots. If occupancy is below 80% for the weekend, a rule could discount rates by 20% to increase reservations, and automatically revert to regular pricing once the park has filled to a certain point.

With CampLife, park owners customize rule conditions and actions to reach their unique goals, said company officials.

“Dynamic rules have been a key part of our software from the beginning, when the system was called Sunrise,” said Jonathan De Leon, lead programmer for the CampLife rules feature. “We’ve written a lot of dynamic rules, for hundreds of parks, and we noticed that certain needs and rule solutions kept cropping up, so we got the idea for a rules UI. This tool for campground owners is a huge win. Parks have full control over what they create and they get rules implemented faster, and the CampLife development team gets a little more bandwidth for new projects.”

De Leon pointed out that park staff can get rules assistance and training from the company’s customer success team and noted that to create complex rules, unusual rules, or change pre-existing ones, customers will still need to contact CampLife.

“Campground operators are frustrated using software that holds them back,” said Duffy. “This new tool gives park owners more control over daily operations, because they can adjust the program as needed to stay true to business priorities, without waiting on CampLife staff to create new rules for their park.

“And parks get more than a quick bump in revenue from the rules,” continued Duffy. “Because park employees can trust CampLife rules to maximize availability and rates during booking, they can work with greater ease and efficiency. When staff are happier and more relaxed they have more energy to create amazing experiences for guests. Delighted, repeat guests and high-performing staff deliver value over the long-haul.”

CampLife will demo its reservation and park management software at OHCE.

To learn more about CampLife or schedule a software demo, visit GetCampLife.com.