The possibility of a campground at the end of Park Point that juts into Lake Superior near Duluth, Wis., has neighbors concerned. But, one of the city councilors proposing the project says it would not cause problems if done right, according to KQDS-DT, Duluth.

“We’re talking five to 15 campsites,” says City Councilor Dan Hartman. He is proposing what he calls, ‘backpacking sites.’ A good mile or more beyond the small airport.

“It’s quite a ways out there. So, you’re not going to have people trying to throw parties out there. It’s too far and there will be someone on–site monitoring it.”

“Yeah, I don’t think it’s going to be properly supervised,” says Dave Poulin, Park Point Community Club president. He has questions regarding access, restrooms and cleanup of the area, which, he says, is largely taken care of by volunteers from his organization.

“The city does not have the money right now to operate this,” says Poulin.

Hartman says, “I’m looking for more of a statewide agency. Possibly the DNR or park service, Army Corps of Engineers.”

Hartman suggests the city lease the land to one of those entities, who would then be responsible for providing sanitary service, firewood and cleanup. Making the out–of–the–way spot a little more accessible at no cost to the city.

Says Hartman, “Imagine you’re out here at night, have a bonfire going, see the city lights and actually see the sun rise over Lake Superior. Very few other places you can do that, especially in Minnesota.”

Hartman hopes to have the campsites in place within five years, but plans on making a proposal to the city Parks and Recreation Commission in the near future.