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Campspot has announced a new Auto-Charge Balance rule that automates the process of collecting outstanding reservation balances before guests arrive in the park. The Auto-Charge Balance rule not only helps to streamline operations but also creates a more contactless and cashless process for guests, according to a press release.

Highlights of the feature include:

  • Automated Balance Collection: This automation greatly reduces the need for manual balance collection during guest check-in or over the phone. This new rule lets parks automate this task seamlessly for most reservations.
  • Seamless Guest Communication: Campspot makes it easy to keep guests in the loop with automated email notifications about upcoming charges detailing the exact amount to be collected.
  • Flexible Configuration: Campgrounds can tailor the rule to their needs by setting it to charge guests 72 hours or more before their arrival. The date groups and site types can also be configured to best meet campground needs.
  • Charge for all Costs: Guests are automatically charged for all costs on a reservation including those from any add-ons and fees.

Automation like this within the Campspot platform helps to reduce the time that Campground operators spend on administrative tasks, notes the release.

Bryann Peirson, business operations analyst at Northgate Resorts, estimates a savings of over 900 hours in a year.

“To better cater to consumer spending habits, we introduced partial deposits at booking,” says Peirson. “This boosted advanced bookings but led to increased administrative time. With a little over 36,000 reservations in 2023 that were booked at 50% payment or less in our portfolio of parks, processing at 90 seconds per booking amounted to a minimum of 900 hours. That’s almost 23, 40-hour work weeks! This enhancement will allow us to redirect resources to our core focus — providing exceptional service to our camping guests!”

To learn more about this, and other tools on Campspot, visit software.campspot.com or email sales@campspot.com to speak to a sales representative.