Campspot In the midst of the peak camping booking season for the year, Campspot — a software provider and online consumer marketplace — recently launched its first platform-wide promotion that drove the largest reservation week in its history, according to a press release.

“Offering a free booking bonus and unique discounts at nearly 300 participating campgrounds across the country using the same discount code, the promotion was the first of its kind in the online camping travel agency space and powered more than 60,000 bookings for the spring and summer season,” noted the release.

“With shoppers especially price sensitive this year, Campspot wanted to leverage the power of our platform to garner camper excitement and help our campgrounds drive demand in a customizable way,” said Erin Stender, Campspot’s CMO. “We expected there to be interest but we were blown away that the promotion resulted in the biggest booking week across our platform.”

During the “Biggest Booking Week” promotion, which ran from March 14-19, participating Campspot campgrounds saw almost 50% week-over-week growth, with a quarter of their marketplace bookings made using the designated promo code. The average value of a booking made with a promo code during this period was also more than $300, or 33% higher than those made without a code. With a stream of highly qualified traffic and campers actively looking to book, even parks that did not participate in the promotion saw a 20% week-over-week growth and averaged the best performance of the year to date.

“We were especially gratified to see the influx of new campers. More than 90% of bookings made on our marketplace during the promotion actually came from first-time customers,” said Stender. “For us, that means we not only helped our campground partners reach new guests, but we also made more adventures possible for more families, which is always our goal.”

Campspot estimates that the “Biggest Booking Week” promotion will help campers spend more than 2.3 million hours outdoors this year. As inflation and rising prices remain top of mind for consumers, and campgrounds continue to look for simple ways to maximize incremental demand, Campspot will look to repeat its success with future promotions, stated the release.

“This type of promotion is a win for our campgrounds, our campers, and our industry. We absolutely plan to leverage our learnings from this campaign in future promotions throughout the year,” said Stender.