Campspot notes that finding the right add-ons for your park can increase revenue.

Editor’s note: This blog posting was written by officials at Campspot, a reservation and property management software system. 

Campgrounds have evolved in recent decades from simple sites and a firepit to waterparks, glamping yurts, portable jacuzzis and more. Finding add-on amenities that compliment your park not only attracts more campers but also increases your revenue.

Campspot campground owners saw $21 million in add-on revenue over the past year and $6 million in add-on revenue in July.

There is more opportunity than ever to promote and thrive with add-on amenities! View our top ten list of park add-on amenities that have not only grown in popularity but have generated substantial park revenue.

Golf Carts: With expansive parks and numerous attractions, golf cart rentals are a great option. Many campgrounds already feature golf cart rentals but with the ability to include them as an add-on option within Campspot’s reservation platform, many have seen an increase in popularity.

Bike Rentals: Similar to golf cart rentals, bikes have great revenue potential. Eliminating the hassle of transportation, bikes allow campers to arrive with minimal camping supplies while still having the ability to travel to neighboring attractions or adjacent bike trails. Some bike options are more recreational than others and include multi-person bikes or pedal carts. Understanding the amenities and location of your park will help understand add-on revenue potential and what bike style is the best investment for your park.

Linens: For cabins and rentable units, linens are a must. Including these as an add-on option acknowledges the value of the product as well as eliminates the hassle later. A family arriving may need an extra set of linens and adding this product when booking the site, eliminates possible confusion later.

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