The site of the failed residential project in Squamish, British Columbia, might soon be home to an RV park.
Property owner Kingswood Development has applied to the district to develop an RV park on the Upper Mamquam Blind Channel property, located 30 miles north of Vancouver, B.C. Since the park would be in line with the area’s current zoning, Kingswood would not be subjected to the same lengthy rezoning process it endured twice for the controversial Red Point housing development. In a recent press release Kingswood president Lorne Segal shared his new plans but kept his focus on what he considered a lost opportunity, according to the Squamish Chief.
“We were obviously very disappointed that our rezoning request for Red Point was refused on July 15,” he said. “We had been looking forward to building a high quality, multi-family residential development at the gateway to Squamish.” Segal described how developers had tried to work with the district and the Ministry of Transportation on Red Point, adding that the project also had support from the Squamish Nation.
The RV park proposal was presented with a strong air of defeat. “Despite this support and all our efforts, council voted four to three against the rezoning. So we are proceeding with an RV park, which is a permitted use under the current zoning and the only option which makes economic sense.”
Kingswood anticipates the site will accommodate 70 RVs with various support facilities. It expects construction to begin as soon as possible.
Segal said Kingswood couldn’t wait any longer to develop the site. “We have been involved in this process for close to four years,” he said. “Some members of council may want to undertake additional planning in the neighborhood but we have no idea how they will define that process and we are concerned it may take months, if not years, to complete. “We simply cannot wait that long so we are proceeding with this outright use now.”