Terry Goodall

PathFinder OutDoor Destinations, based in St. Catharines, Ontario, and Melbourne, Australia, has joined forces with LeadingCampings of Europe, a collection of currently 34 five-star Holiday Parks that showcase excellence in products, services and innovative thinking.

Ed Brooker

This latest partnership arrangement follows a similar partnership announced in January between Best Parks in America and PathFinder OutDoor Destinations, thereby further strengthening PathFinder’s commitment to developing and growing an international alliance of quality outdoor destination properties that showcase unique outdoor experiences and accommodations, according to a news release.

OutDoor Destinations are natural environments (e.g. holiday parks, caravan parks, nature-based ecolodges, farmstays, farm spas and wineries) where guests can relax, rejuvenate and enjoy memorable holiday and relaxation experiences, superior quality facilities and amenities and combined with outstanding service.

Ed Brooker, PathFinder’s co-founder and international director, notes, “The agreement with LeadingCampings of Europe ensures that we have a strong international alliance that facilitates an inflow of new ideas amongst our partners through sharing of knowledge and ideas that stimulate further innovative thinking.

Brooker had the opportunity to view a sample of LeadingCampings of Europe’s properties in Germany and Italy, and was extremely impressed with their unique approaches to innovation, overcoming seasonal challenges, service levels and interaction with the local community.

Terry Goodall, PathFinder’s other co-founder and managing director, foresees future opportunities stemming from this latest partnership, particularly in the areas of wellness, technology, community relations and revenue generation.

“Our arrangement with LeadingCampings of Europe, networks three leading organisations who share a passion for lifting the quality levels of guest experiences within the OutDoor Destination tourism sector and the need to share ideas and concepts in a non-competitive environment,” Goodall said. Goodall stresses that, “While the focus on the guest experience is absolute, so too is ensuring that the properties within PathFinder’s alliance continue to grow and develop and remain at the forefront.”

Goodall was former CEO of the Big4 in Australia and led the caravan park and resort chain to its pinnacle of success.

Eicke Schüürmann, CEO of LeadingCampings of Europe, is equally enthusiastic about the new partnership, stating, “PathFinder has offered us the right product at the right time. We realise that in order to remain at the ‘top of our game’ we have to access world trends and the latest developments in technology, design and research. We believe that partnering with PathFinder Outdoor Destinations will address this need, and we look forward to a long and exciting partnership.”

PathFinder OutDoor Destinations, established in 2011, is a breakaway umbrella brand designed to facilitate successful business growth through collaboration and increased opportunity through innovative ideas. “PathFinder offers customised innovation, not imitation by purposely seeing what others see, but thinking what others have not yet thought. It is an innovation platform.”

For further information on PathFinder, contact Ed Brooker at (905) 938-5359.