As Genia Aasen and her family huddled inside their shaking 36-foot travel trailer during a severe storm in Saskatchewan Saturday (June 29), she had only one thing on her mind: They were all going to die, according to The Weather Channel.

“I thought we were going to roll so I started yelling to everybody ‘I love all of you, ‘I love all of you,” Aasen told weather.com on Sunday. “I honestly didn’t think we were going to make it.”

Aasen said she, her husband, three kids and her mother had since returned safely to their home about an hour away from the Murray Doell Campground, but she hadn’t slept since the storm hit. Their severely damaged trailer was still back at the campground near Meadow Lake in Saskatchewan, along with dozens of others surrounded by fallen trees.

Some people in the area said they saw funnel clouds, but Environment Canada, the nation’s weather service, was still collecting information on Sunday to verify whether a tornado or straight-line winds had hit the campground, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported.

Jim Billington, a spokesman for the Saskatchewan government, told weather.com that three people were transported to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. Billington said there were several emergency calls in the area after the storm, in particular at Murray Doell Campground where Aasen was staying.

Billington added that authorities were coordinating a search and rescue effort for a hiker believed to be missing in the area.

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