Grow Condos Inc., a real estate company providing condominium-style turnkey facilities to support the cannabis industry, announced that it is launching a new division for the development of cannabis-friendly RV campgrounds and resorts specifically tailored for owner/operators to cater to the recreational marijuana marketplace.

“Recreational vehicle owners and campers want to be able to enjoy a stress-free experience and we feel that in the recreational marijuana states a cannabis friendly resort will draw great interest,” said CEO Wayne Zallen in the announcement from the company, which is based in Eagle Point, Ore.

The company plans to build out a branded RV campground/resort named “Smoke on the Water Resorts,” providing a turn-key solution for the campground owner/operator. Grow Condos will participate in a revenue share and or royalty/rental basis while maintaining the ownership of the real estate thus taking advantage of any appreciation.

Currently the company owns and manages property in Eagle Point and in Eugene, Ore., and is seeking acquisitions in Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada and Colorado.

For more information, go to growcondos.com.