A multimillion dollar resort could soon be coming to Cape Coral, Fla. But that resort would be an RV resort and not everyone is happy about the proposal, WZVN-TV, Fort Myers, reported.

Don Matthews has toured the Southeast United States in his motorcoach. His latest stop was Fort Myers Beach.

“It just takes you away from everything. You get away and you meet nice people,” he said.

Enthusiasts like Matthews could soon move into Cape Coral.

Park designer Bud Surles says a lake off Burnt Store Road, near the Charlotte County line, is the perfect spot for his next luxury RV park – a $20-million resort.

“It has a beautiful lake with 71-acres, a quarter-of-a-mile from the Gulf and it is 28-feet deep of crystal clear water,” Surles said.

He’s designed parks all over the country and says the one in the Cape will be similar to one he designed in Texas, called Mill Creek Ranch.

The one in the Cape would have a more “Florida-like” feel, but the amenities will be similar, including cottages, a lodge and a pool.

“There will be a swimming pool unlike any that’s been seen in this area. It has a marina it has a commercial area along burnt store road,” he said.

Matthews says he’s visited luxury parks before.

“Normally the upscale ones are very well maintained and most of the time you wouldn’t even know it was an RV park,” he said.

But despite the class- A look and feel, some don’t want it in their neighborhood.

“They can build the RV park anywhere they can build it over by another resort area. Why do they have to build it in the country land and take up all the country land?” asked Cape resident Mary Campbell.

The city of Cape Coral is already rewriting it’s zoning, in order to allow the luxury park.

The Cape Coral City Council will ultimately have to approve that new zoning.