The Care Camps poster

Editor’s note: This story details why Tempest Technologies, a Montana-based website development company, helps support Care Camps. Tempest Technologies commissioned artist Joe Heins to create an original oil painting depicting a beautiful camping scene. The 2020 art poster prints and note cards are available for sale online, in KOA and independent campgrounds, RV dealerships, and other retail locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. 100% of the profits from the project will be donated to Care Camps. 

If you or your location would like to sign up to sell the posters to benefit Care Camps, you can find out more at https://fortheloveofcamping.com/.

What motivates all of us to make a difference?  To get up and do what we do every day?  Shawn and Lisa Peterson agreed to give us a look into why they have become “Heroes of Hope” for kids with cancer through their inspirational and creative support of the outdoor industry charity, Care Camps.

“The opportunity to support the true heroes out there — these amazing kids and their families battling the devastating impact of childhood cancer — is what drives us to help Care Camps.”  said Lisa Peterson, of Tempest Technologies. Lisa, along with her husband, Shawn, and daughter, Katya, have become ardent supporters of Care Camps, the outdoors industry charity that helps kids with cancer experience the healing nature of the outdoors through special oncology camps.

Cancer has touched nearly all of our lives, whether it be a personal battle or that of someone we dearly love. Like so many others, Shawn and Lisa Peterson experienced first-hand the devastating impact of cancer as family and friends have struggled with the disease. But while the loss of loved ones has been devastating, the inspiration they have provided has been equally life-changing.

“An amazing young lady in our community was diagnosed with Leukemia at the beginning of her sixth-grade year,” Shawn explained. “Over the next five years she put up an incredible fight against the disease. Her zest for life, her bravery and enthusiasm touched our lives in ways that can’t be described. She will never be forgotten and it’s kids like her that remind us who the real heroes are out there.”

While the number of kids and families served by Care Camps continues to grow, the need still outpaces available funding. The Petersons’ hope is that sales of their annual series of commemorative fine art posters will grow in the years to come allowing Tempest Technologies to help more kids with cancer experience the love of camping and the great outdoors.

“Our partnership with Care Camps serves as a daily reminder to our team that these kids and their families need our help. We’re humbled by their stories and honored to play a small role in the wonderful work that Care Camps does,” continued Shawn. “At the end of the day, it’s not about the dollars earned or the number of completed transactions. It’s about the positive impact we’ve been able to make in the lives of our friends, families and community members.”


Care Camps partners help raise funds for a compelling cause: to send children affected by cancer to medically-supervised camps where they have a wonderful time in the great outdoors with other kids who understand what they’re going through. They do it all while receiving the treatments they need. Until cancer is a memory, Care Camps will continue to help these great kids make joyful memories of their own. For more information about Care Camps, please visit www.carecamps.org.