Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 11.46.45 AMThe folks at Campground Automation Systems Inc., makers of Sunrise software for running campgrounds, offered five tips to customers to help in hiring members of a campground’s operating team.

1. Find the right attitude

This person you are about to hire, no matter what role they will be playing in your park, will have some amount of face time with your guests. If they are not a positive person they will bring down the whole staff and most importantly your guests. Hiring a positive person over a negative one with an impressive resume will make your summer that much brighter ūüôā

2. Test them out

Getting a potential employee to come and “interview” all day is always a good option. This gives you time to see the person in action, and more than likely if they can handle the gauntlet of the all day test environment they will probably be a good fit.

3. Focus on team chemistry

When we hire a new team member, to keep the amazing team dynamics/chemistry¬†that we currently have in place, we have all team members “interview” the prospective employee. Not necessarily a sit down but at least a phone call, just to get as many opinions as possible.

4. Check social media profiles

You can tell a lot about someone through their social media profiles. Gathering any insight you can will make the hiring process more seamless and at the end of the day get you more employees that you can be happy with.

5. Trust your gut.

Your intuition on how a person will perform is probably the most important factor of all. You are the one that knows the park the best and are the best suited to make the decision on who to hire and who not to hire.