Wilbur Hot Springs

Wilbur Hot Springs

Hot springs enthusiasts from every continent come to Wilbur Hot Springs in Wilbur Springs, Calif., to soak in its therapeutic waters, which have been chronicled in travel guides around the world as the “Fountain of Life.”

“We have arguably the most medicinal of all of the hot springs on the planet,” said Dr. Richard Louis Miller, the resort’s owner since 1976. “People know it within a minute of being in the water. It literally feels different.”

The water is rich in lithium, a mood stabilizer, and has an unusually high concentration of sulphur, which has remarkable healing effects on a variety of skin conditions, from acne to psoriasis.

But when a wildfire destroyed the resort last year, Dr. Miller, who was self insured, faced a critical challenge: How to rebuild the resort as quickly and affordably as possible, while still providing his guests with the first-class accommodations they would expect from a world-class resort.

His solution is one that is increasingly being used by resorts in scenic locations across the country: Cavco park model RVs.

The 399-square-foot cottage-like units have been used as rental accommodations by the campground sector for years. The units are equipped with kitchens and bathrooms, flat-screen TVs and other amenities.

But while park models are typically used as family friendly vacation cottages, Cavco worked with San Francisco architect Nick Noyes to custom design 13 park model RV cottages that not only blend harmoniously with Wilbur Hot Springs’ natural setting, but contain the luxurious attributes of a world class resort.

“I think these Cavco cottages are a logical next chapter in Wilbur Hot Springs Resort’s history,” said Noyes, whose wife grew up visiting the resort with her family.

“Wilbur Hot Springs is a magical place,” Noyes added. “Careful attention had to be paid to the new master planning of the resort and also to the specific details of the cottages themselves.”

The understated and refined cottages were designed with privacy in mind and feature private entries and baths. Each cottage has its own unique view of the surrounding natural beauty. Interior details include stained oak floors, pine ceilings, smooth sheetrock walls, built-in pine desks and painted wood trim.

“All of our efforts — and Cavco understood this — needed to respect and enhance the rustic charm that defines Wilbur Hot Springs.” Noyes said.

Dr. Miller commended Tim Gage, vice president of Cavco’s specialty division, for his close collaboration with him and Noyes and creating new accommodations for Wilbur Hot Springs.

“The Cavco solution was literally a Godsend for us,” Dr. Miller said, “particularly because of our confidence in Cavco, we came away feeling that they understood our situation and took care to get us a good product.”

And having completed the installation of 13 Cavco park models in January, Dr. Miller is looking forward to another busy travel season as travelers from around the world come to Wilbur Hot Springs seeking health and rejuvenation in the resort’s healing waters.