Organizers of the Cavendish Beach Music Festival have applied to set up a campground near the festival site, according to CBC News.

The Cavendish Beach Music Festival runs from July 7 to 11 in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island.

The campground would be the size of 10 building lots and would accommodate 80 to 100 campsites, complete with an access road, hook-ups and a washroom facility.

Jeff Squires, a spokesman for the festival, said the campground would help event staff.

“What we’re finding this year is we’ve been inundated with the demand for people who want to put their fifth-wheel (trailers) and their RVs close to the site because they are working there for a week to 10 days,” he said.

Squires said the campground would be used by people working at the festival, with leftover spaces made available for the public to rent.

The property would have to be rezoned for the campground to go ahead and there are plans to use it beyond the festival weekend.

While some people in the area have no problem with the campground proposal, other neighbors expressed concern.

Norm and Paula Hansen have a cottage near the site.

“Having a campground there with 100 sites would create a lot of problems, I think. Just young people drinking and partying,” Norm Hansen said.

“I think once it has been rezoned, then anything goes there and we’re going to have some problems down the road and we did not buy this property with that in mind,” Paula Hansen said. “We thought it was cottages only going up there. That’s what we were told.”

A public meeting on the rezoning application will be held on June 2.