Camping often conjures up images of tenting under starry skies, but as the May long weekend launches Alberta’s season, the province’s campgrounds will be dominated by recreational vehicles, CBC News Calgary reported.

Albertans are big fans of camping on wheels.

Industry statistics show 26% of Albertans own an RV — a greater saturation than in any other province. Alberta also boasted the highest retail sales numbers in Canada, with $796 million worth of RVs sold in 2011.

Even Alberta’s tourism minister has tried comfort camping. Richard Starke borrowed his in-laws camper van last year to tour around the province with his wife.

“Albertans love their recreation vehicles,” said Starke.

“We live in an absolutely beautiful province and it just beckons for people to just get outdoors and enjoy the outdoors, especially in the summer months. And I guess the second reason is we have a very robust economy. People have disposable income that allows for them to purchase these units.”

The Alberta government is paying attention. In 2009, the province commissioned a study on the popularity of the RV. The report found that 40% of Albertans camp, and three out of four are sleeping in an RV.

But Alberta’s public and private campgrounds weren’t keeping up with the demand. More than half of the campsites didn’t offer power hookups — and of those that did, most were private campgrounds.

This week, Starke announced changes to several popular campgrounds in the province, including adding larger full-service sites and additional sites with power hook-ups.

“The idea here is to meet the demands of the travelling public — of the consumer — and to make sure … there’s an increased opportunity for people to visit our parks and enjoy the beauty that is here,” Starke said.

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