The Colorado Campground & Lodging Owners Association (CCLOA) is launching new association logos as they ring in the new year, according to CCLOA officials.

It’s been on the wish list of many members and past members for a very long time, according to CCLOA Executive Director Mary Arlington.

“At least ten years ago some began murmuring about wanting a new logo, and three years ago I saw the project inching forward,” she said. “The project was then set aside while we evaluated a name change. That was settled earlier this year, so the logo project moved to the front burner.

“The project was painless once we turned it over to Pelland Advertising, an industry supporter of both CCLOA and the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC),” Arlington continued. “After reviewing a variety of first drafts, we selected one and fine-tuned it until the committee was pleased.”

The new logos display the same colors found in the Colorado state flag, according to Arlington.

“CCLOA members were introduced to the new logos in early December and it generated positive responses,” she said. “The new logos are now being migrated into all association materials, in time for raising a toast to the new year.”

CCLOA is asking for your assistance. If your company displays the former logo, please email info@CampColorado.com to request a new art file.

Additionally, if you spot the former logo in use anywhere, please inform CCLOA so they can take steps to replace it.