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Canadian RVing and Camping Week

The Canadian Camping and RV Council (CCRVC) officially kicked off the 8th Canadian RV and Camping Week, a nationwide celebration of the RV and camping lifestyle, yesterday (May 23), according to a release.

Running May 23-28, this week-long event aims to highlight the importance of outdoor recreation and showcase the incredible experiences that RVing and camping offer.

Canadian RV and Camping Week serves as a platform to unite RV enthusiasts, campers, industry professionals and outdoor enthusiasts from coast to coast. It provides an opportunity for individuals and families to connect with nature, discover new destinations and create lasting memories.

The Canadian RV Association recognizes the tremendous value that RVing and camping bring to individuals, families, and communities. This week-long celebration not only promotes the benefits of outdoor recreation but also supports local economies and encourages sustainable tourism.

Why is Canadian RV and Camping Week important?

• Promotes the RV Lifestyle: This week-long celebration serves as a platform to highlight the joys and benefits of RVing, encouraging more people to explore the freedom and flexibility that comes with RV travel.

• Supports the Camping Community: By actively participating in Canadian RV and Camping Week, we reinforce our commitment to supporting campgrounds, RV parks, and the entire camping industry. Together, we can contribute to its growth and vitality.

• Strengthening Bonds: This event brings RVers and campers together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity among individuals who share a passion for the great outdoors. It is a time to forge new friendships, exchange stories, and create lasting connections within our community.

The Canadian RV and Camping Industry have once again committed to supporting Care Camps, a charity that gives children with cancer a chance to go camping at one of over 100 specialized summer camps located throughout Canada and the United States.

To learn more, visit https://ccrvc.ca/event/canadian-camping-and-rving-week/