CCRVC Risk Management

The CCRVC is hosting a virtual education summit that focuses on risk management.

The Canadian Camping and RV Council (CCRVC) is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated “Campground Risk Management Summit 2023,” scheduled to take place from Oct. 18-19. Sponsored by Signature Risk Insurance, this groundbreaking event is set to empower campground owners with cutting-edge insights and practical strategies to elevate their risk management practices.

In an ever-evolving landscape, ensuring camper safety is paramount for the outdoor hospitality industry, states the release. This virtual summit is poised to provide campground owners with a unique opportunity to hear from industry experts and fellow operators through insightful case studies, workshops and interactive discussions.

“The Campground Risk Management Summit 2023 represents a significant milestone for the CCRVC,” said Cara Csizmadia, president of the association. “As we continue to prioritize the safety and well-being of campers across Canada, this event will equip campground owners with the knowledge and tools to establish top-notch risk management protocols.”

“Our industry thrives on collaboration and shared experiences,” noted CCRVC Chairperson Ellie Abucay-Giammattolo. “This summit will not only showcase best practices but also facilitate meaningful connections among campground owners, fostering a stronger and safer outdoor hospitality community.”

The two-day virtual event will feature diverse sessions, including:

  • Managing Risk and Building Emergency Plans in Outdoor Hospitality
  • Reputation Management in Times of Crisis: Safeguarding Your Campground’s Image
  • Campground Fire Safety Essentials: From Prevention to Preparedness Mastering Campground Electrical Safety: Protocols and Best Practices
  • Enhancing Campground Security: Planning, Implementation, and Surveillance
  • Empowering Campground Staff: Essential Training for Effective Risk Management
  • Documentation and Record Keeping Mastery
  • Cybersecurity for Campground Owners: Safeguarding Data in Risk Management

“With industry experts, real-world case studies and interactive workshops, the “Risk Management for Campgrounds Summit 2023″ is poised to have a profound impact on campground businesses,” states the release. “Attendees will leave equipped with actionable strategies, informed decision-making capabilities and a strengthened commitment to camper safety.”

For registration details and further information, visit https://riskmanagement.unityvirtualevent.com/.