Jim Ganley

Maine-based CheckBox Systems LLC introduced CheckBox S/A/F/E, the CheckBox Survey and Feedback Engine, in early April, according to Jim Ganley, managing partner at CheckBox.

Ganley told Woodall’s Campground Management that the system is designed to open up a communication line between a campground’s staff and a camper.

“Campground owners live and die by social media and reviews,” he explained. “Most bad reviews or complaints can be resolved if the issue is addressed by a manager or staff.”

That is where CheckBox S/A/F/E comes in, according to Ganley. He said that when a campground’s guests log into the park’s Wi-Fi, CheckBox S/A/F/E will automatically engage with the guests by sending them a welcome message via text or email.

“This message typically will include a way for a guest to ask questions or share concerns,” explained Ganley. “If they ask a question about maybe a place to visit in the area or if they have a concern, that message will immediately go the manager or staff, and they can address the question or concern.”

For the guests, it allows them to interface with campground staff on their own devices and for the staff they can respond using their own devices as well, according to Ganley.

“It just makes the whole process a lot more efficient,” he noted.

The second piece of the new CheckBox S/A/F/E engine allows the campground system to monitor when a guests leaves.

“That way a campground owner can send a follow-up survey or a goodbye message,” Ganley mentioned. “Later on you can send coupons. It is a way for the campground owners to stay in touch with their guests.”

Ganley noted there is nothing the guests has to download to receive the messages and that the CheckBox S/A/F/E engine is included at no additional charge to all CheckBox customers on a current support plan or under their original warranty.

“So far we have received positive feedback on the new engine,” explained Ganley. “This is not meant to be an intrusive program and most of the campground owners we have been working with have been good so far about not spamming their guests with a ton of messages.”

In the 16 years that CheckBox has been in business, Ganley said that business has only increased and that programs like CheckBox S/A/F/E are going to continue to be needed as more and more guests bring their digital devices.

“Typically there are around five to six devices that are using Wi-Fi per campsite,” he noted. “They may not be the focal point of the whole trip, but guests are bringing more devices and that is how you can better connect with them.”

He also noted that guests are beginning to expect good Wi-Fi when they go camping and that while their devices are not the focal point of the trip, guest expect to be able to use them when they need them.

“They don’t want to think about it, they just want the Wi-Fi to work,” he noted. “You typically have two types of campers, the people who are working while camping and then the casual users who may check their phones during the day and want to use their smart t.v. to watch Netflix in the evening.”

To learn more about CheckBox S/A/F/E you can head to www.checkboxsystems.net