Editor’s Note: The following Letter to the Editor of the Chino Valley (Ariz.) Review was written by resident Rick Nichols in support of a proposed campground in his community.

In answer to the venomous letter by Conrad Shapiro (in the March 23 issue of the Review), I am also deeply concerned. Shapiro has no knowledge of the RV world and his poison pen drips of his ignorance.

The Kampgrounds of America project will bring more than 100 local jobs during its construction. It will not require a large staff to manage the facility, but almost every business in Chino Valley will benefit from this project.

Campers will be eating at our restaurants, shopping at our stores, buying our gas and hardware, requiring repair services and the list goes on.

I have been an RVer for 31 years and have visited many parks including KOA parks. The KOA brand is one of the most reputable of these parks. The staff is uniformed and professionally trained. In my years of enjoying RVing, my wife and I have never seen any of the “drugs, crime, domestic issues, prostitution or illegal aliens” that Shapiro imagines.

Every conceivable concession was made to the local neighborhood in an effort to facilitate the project with the least impact to the neighborhood. Chino Valley is having a multi-million dollar project handed to them, with Jack Tuls, developer and retired dairyman, paying for all road, utility and sewer improvements and requirements.

Without progress and support from sales taxes and more customers for our existing business, this town will become a ghost town.

We have already lost our town government and schools and library on Fridays. Without support for our businesses, what comes next?