Hurricane relief volunteers working in east Jackson County, Miss., will have more choices to stay once Haven Church completes its recreational vehicle park, according to The Mississippi Press.
The church started building the sites for campers earlier this year. The Jackson County Planning Department then stopped the construction.
Church spokesman Chad Stevens said the early construction was the result of a misunderstanding between the church and planning department officials.
On June 20, the Jackson County Planning Commission was in a forgiving mood, granting the church a special exemption for the 10 RV hookups constructed earlier. The commission also approved the church’s request for an additional 40 sites.
Before the commission granted its blessing to the project, Stevens was hesitant to go into details on the church’s plans for the proposal. He explained that the church did not want a repeat of the earlier misunderstanding and was waiting for the commission’s approval before completing plans for the park.
In addition to providing temporary living spaces for ministers, volunteers and others involved in the hurricane relief effort, Stevens said the church may open the park to people who need a place to live temporarily.
“It is primarily for aid workers,” he said. “But, there will be limited public access.”
Anyone living in the campground, however, would be subject to rules and regulations, Stevens said. He also said the church will charge a rental fee to recoup its investment in the campground.
“Because we are a church, we would put in a conduct code,” he said, adding that alcohol, drugs and lewd conduct will be prohibited in the park.
Because of the threat of hurricanes, Stevens said the park will only be open to RVs and campers. He said no trailers or additions will be allowed.
“We want to be able to get out of the park within two hours of learning of a storm,” he said.