The ball is in the landowner’s and developer’s court.

The City of Vale, Ore., will now wait to see the detailed plans of the person who wants to develop 20 acres on the west side of Vale as an RV park, according to the Argus Observer. The proposal includes annexing all or part of the property to the city. The proposed developer is Brent Maret and George Glerup is the property owner, according to Marea Hartwell.

City Attorney Larry Sullivan said an annexation request will require a public hearing since it would require a zone change from residential, which it was brought into the city as, to commercial.

“It is the least restrictive zone,” Sullivan said, noting that the parcel would probably not be used for one purpose.

“It’s a tremendous economic development opportunity for the city,” Sullivan said.

The property owner will have to submit an application for annexation, he said, and a public hearing would be held to determine if there would be any opposition to the zone change and the proposed use.

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