The Hillsboro (Kan.) City Coun­cil at its March 13 special meeting changed its policy regarding the city’s public overnight campground in Memorial Park in anticipation of the start of construction of the Diamond Vista Wind Energy Project in the vicinity of Marion County.

Mayor Lou Thurston said the city will likely host construction workers at the campground who come to the area to work on the project. It is projected that as many as 500 workers could be in the area by July and August, according to the Hillsboro Free Press.

“We’ve already had people inquiring about places to put RVs and trailers and the like,” Thurston said. “The question is, would the council be amenable to a temporary waiver? Normally the restriction is 30 continuous days and then you have to pull out.”

At the same time, Thurs­ton said the campground had already been booked for the Marion County Fair in July and the Hillsboro Arts & Crafts Fair in September.

“If there was somebody there, they would have to move during those times because we wouldn’t have it available,” Thurston said.

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