In a special meeting May 20, the Beaver, Ark., town council voted to slash its RV Park campground fees and discuss contract issues with the park managers, according to the Lovely County Citizen, Eureka Springs.

The council met with its three sitting aldermen. Two positions remain vacant on the council.

According to minutes of the meeting, the decision to lower camping fees was made based on a review of fees at other area campgrounds. The $20 dump station charge has been eliminated for campers and lowered to $20 for non-campers.

The council hiked park camping rates a year ago because of operational expenses, mainly the high cost of pumping sewage out of the park’s five wastewater tanks. In 2007, it cost $7,000 over the season to pump the tanks.

The park has no drain field, and up until last month, officials believed it was impossible to have a traditional septic system because of the park’s proximity to Table Rock Lake.

But that may change, as last month an on site specialist from the state health department said there may be suitable ground, either in the park boundaries or on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-owned land outside them, for a drain field.

The council is in the process of having that possibility assessed and is undertaking a soil test.

In the meantime, the council voted this year not to have showers or flush toilets available, to keep costs down.

Council discussed problems and contract issues related to management of the RV park with the current attendants, and voted to revisit the matter at the next meeting in June.