The Bossier Parish Police Jury in Bossier City, La., expressed concerns on Wednesday (April 21) regarding regulation of recreational vehicle parks, according to the Bossier Press-Tribune.

“(RV parks) they are popping up all throughout the parish,” said Butch Ford, Bossier Parish engineer.

“The owners of unzoned property are going and buying mobile units placing them on the land and renting them out like a hotel,” said Patrick Jackson, attorney for Bossier Parish. “The problem we have is unique and something we have not seen before.”

The jurors feel the landowners could exploit the parish’s current policy on RV parks and become slumlords.

Jackson claims that the normal RV owner would stop at the park for four or five days, then move on to another destination.

Jurors are concerned that when the RVs remain in one place for a prolonged period, it could raise issues with sewage and sanitation.

“They are developers (who are) developing a piece of property. If somebody calls up here and wants to have four lots on their property, they cannot just let (travelers) pull up on the grass without electricity, water or sewage,” said Police Juror Brad Cummings.

Jackson believes the recent explosion in these kinds of developments is the dark side of the recent oil and natural gas boom in Northwest Louisiana.

“Most of these oil and gas folks get paid a perdiem,” said Jackson. “In order to take advantage of these perdiems, a lot of them are double-, triple- and quadruple-bunking, living in these substandard mobile units and keeping those perdiems.“

Jackson claims that when he and a fellow juror went to south Bossier last year, just down the road from a Mearl’s Truck Stop, an RV. park had a few RVs inside. When he recently drove by the same area, there were 200 in close proximity to one another.

Although the jury did not make any policy decisions Wednesday, it did mention that it may consider taxing Rvs that do not have current vehicle registration or are not mobile.