Long Beach, Wash., City Council members have reached a compromise on several controversial elements of a proposed RV park ordinance, the Chinook Observer reported.

At a March 16 public workshop, council members and city staff members hashed out differing opinions about how long RV park guests should be allowed to stay and what operators should be required to do to make their parks are orderly and safe.

At the end of the roughly 45-minute discussion, the council agreed to extend the length of stay for short-term guests, increase the allowable number of long-term guests, modify a licensing requirement that wouldn’t have been effective and do away with a playground requirement that RV park owners found particularly onerous.

The city first talked about revising its outdated RV ordinance last year after realizing that it didn’t apply to the circumstances of modern park operators and guests and didn’t give the city any authority to crack down on problem parks.

Under the existing ordinance, RV park operators aren’t officially allowed to have any long-term guests. In reality, all six of Long Beach’s RV parks rely on long-terms guests to make it through the slow winter season.

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