RVC Outdoor Destination’s Andy Cates dons a pair of fictitious boxing gloves for his company’s competition with traditional campgrounds.

Editor’s Note: The following blurb appeared on the CNNMoney website.

The challenge: Will campers really go for the gourmet coffee and fitness centers?

What they did: A lot of us dislike camping because … well … it’s camping. Maybe RVC Outdoor Destinations can convince us otherwise. The Memphis company’s niche is providing a cushier camping experience at its seven properties in Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. RVC, founded in 2007, offers campers climate-controlled cottages, Wi-Fi, swimming pools, fitness centers, and hotel-like lobbies selling gourmet coffee. (Yes, you can still buy camping gear.) “We’re trying to create a brand that offers the amenities you would expect from a high-quality, full-service hotel,” says founder Andy Cates, 42. Sales at the company, which is profitable, says Cates, are expected to hit $3 million this year.