In a meeting on Wednesday (June 27), the Mancos (Colo.) Town Board voted to extend a development agreement with the owner of an RV park originally scheduled to open July 4, according to The Journal.

The town board approved a development agreement for the Riverwood RV Resort on Grand Avenue in 2016. Owner Dugan McDonald’s original agreement with the town required construction on the park to be complete in 2017, but in December, the board extended that agreement to June 30.

On Wednesday, the board denied McDonald’s request to open the park on July 4 because he had failed to meet several land use code requirements for the property, but agreed to a 60-day extension of the agreement provided all the requirements are met in that time.

At the beginning of the meeting, the board voted to add a discussion of the RV park to the agenda at Mayor Pro Tem Fred Brooks’ request. McDonald asked for clarification on the town land use code’s requirements for plant screening around the park, saying town staff told him the trees he’s already planted around the property aren’t concealing enough to comply with the code.

Town Administrator Heather Alvarez said the screening isn’t the only aspect of McDonald’s park that has failed to comply with the code and the development agreement. A newly built resort clubhouse and parts of the sewer system are awaiting inspection, the town has not yet received a permit application for the resort’s sign and the RV pads McDonald has installed are round, instead of square, as originally specified in the agreement.

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