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Park County Travel Council Unveils New “Wild” Marketing Campaign for Cody Yellowstone. (CNW Group/Park County Travel Council)

The Park County Travel Council (PCTC) has unveiled “Cody Yellowstone, Wild” — a new creative marketing campaign designed to support the region’s ongoing tourism recovery efforts in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent flooding in Yellowstone National Park, according to a press release.

The campaign, which includes a fully integrated marketing mix of video, digital and traditional advertising, social media and a local ambassador program known as #WildWatch, taps into Cody’s connections to the wild outdoors and its Wild West roots.

“Cody was founded by those who lived an untamed life and is cared for by those who preserve its wild nature to this day,” said Ryan Hauck, executive director of Cody Yellowstone. “Cody Yellowstone is for those who like their exploration a little bit…wild, whether they seek it out in small doses, or get up-close-and-personal with it. Whether you’re talking about the wildlife and backcountry wilderness found in and around Yellowstone National Park or the wild and one-of-a-kind adventures you can find right in town, the notion of ‘wild’ connects everything visitors want to see and do here.”

The campaign is designed to resonate with travelers seeking open spaces, authentic wilderness, and connections to a storied past. The region, still recovering from COVID-19 travel lockdowns and highway closures in Yellowstone National Park in the early summer, is looking to the new campaign to support visitation to the region across all seasons.

“Maybe to you, wild means a snowmobile tour to Old Faithful or just the opportunity for your kids to explore rugged wilderness along a pristine hiking trail,” said Hauck. “With this campaign, we’re really showing how to best explore that idea of the wild in a way that suits your travel interests.”

Local ambassadors – the #WildWatch – have also been tapped to support the campaign. Through Instagram takeovers and social content, ranchers, nature photographers, and river guides will share their unique perspectives on how to experience Cody’s wild nature.

Hauck said his intention is to see the Wild campaign live throughout the seasons and evolve to become a brand platform that’s recognizable nationally.

“Our campaign says it best — Cody Yellowstone is treasured by those who keep it wild — and we can’t wait to share it with anyone who values our wild nature as much as we do,” he said.

Visit the Wild campaign website.

Watch the campaign video.