Shortly before 2 a.m. Saturday (Dec. 1), authorities evacuated the Moraine Park Campground inside Ricky Mountain National Park, as the Fern Lake Fire was pushed by winds into Moraine Park, the Estes Park Trails Gazette reported.

More resources are being deployed to the Fern Lake Fire into the park as firefighters cope with additional strong winds.

Another Red Flag Warning was issued around noon Sunday and carried over into the night and on into today as winds gusted as high as 23 mph Sunday afternoon and 55 mph overnight with sustained winds speeds of 28 to 38 mph.

There is little relief expected today as gusts could reach the upper 30 mph range. Dire spokesman Traci Weaver said the conditions possible Sunday night were similar to those Friday night that saw the fire grow by over 2,000 acres.

At around 1:30 a.m. Friday, the winds caused the fire to move three miles in 35 minutes. Firefighters are still holding the Fern Lake Fire within Rocky Mountain National Park boundaries and the Type I Incident Management Team has arrived to transition in to manage the fire operations.