The Mancos (Colo.) Board of Trustees on Wednesday (Dec. 27) approved gravel pads for an RV park.

Developer Dugan McDonald proposed changes and an extension for the construction of an RV park that included enlarging RV pads and changing the material to gravel from concrete. Trustees also discussed the value of a cosmetic fence versus a wildlife fence at the park.

“It doesn’t have to be a wildlife-stopping fence – all it has to be is something to show someone that there is a delineation,” McDonald said. “There are many ways to get there and still allow wildlife to cross and accomplish what we need landwise.”

In regards to gravel versus concrete pads, Mayor Queenie Barz said she had visited RV parks nearby and noted that all had gravel pads.

The main concern for some members of the board was changing the plan after the public hearing had already occurred.

“Now we are talking about changing it from 10-foot paved to 20-foot-wide gravel. That could be a huge visual difference,” said Trustee Cindy Simpson. “I don’t think it is fair to the public who came to the public hearing. They are thinking that a certain thing got approved, and now we are changing it.”

After more discussion, the board voted 3-2 to authorize the town administrator to “execute the Riverwood RV Park Agreement extension to June 30, particularly in regard to RV pads to include south- and west-side fencing and including screening and north- and east-side screening and to extend the letter of credit through June 30, with an additional amendment motion to include changing RV pads to 20-foot-wide gravel pads.”

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