Just two weeks after it was brought up at a Logan County (Colo.)  Commissioner meeting, housing for the oil industry was brought up again at a planning commission meeting Tuesday (Oct. 21), the Sterling Journal-Advocate reported.

The board spent the bulk of the meeting discussing RV and camping regulations, which have not been updated in many years, with a specific focus on dry lots or dry camping.

Dry camping refers to camping in a location where water and sewer, and in some cases, electrical connections are not available. There are individuals in the county that want to allow people working on the oilfield that need a place to live the option of dry camping on their property. However, right now dry camping isn’t allowed.

“The regulations that were created in 1976 don’t address dry camping, which per the county attorney means we don’t recognize it,” Rob Quint, of the Planning and Zoning Office, told the board.

He went on to say that while dry camping isn’t mentioned anywhere in the county regulations, the regulations do state that individuals are allowed an RV any place, setup as a temporary home, up to 10 days. The city of Sterling allows seven days.

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