Nevada RV Park

City officials are set to amend land use plans to make way for an RV park.

The Boulder City (Nev.) Planning Commission approved a recommendation to the City Council at its Aug. 17 meeting that would amend the city’s master plan future land use map for a proposed RV park and cabin rental facility, according to the Boulder City Review.

Commissioners Nate Lasoff, Lorene Krumm and Paul Matuska voted for the approval, and Ernest Biacsi and Beth Bonnar voted against it.

The 74-acre parcel for the RV park is west of Adams Boulevard and Veterans Memorial Drive. Elite RV would lease the land from the city.

If approved by the City Council, the land’s zoning will change from open lands to parks and recreation and community commercial.

As is the case lately, water was one of the biggest concerns brought up. Frank Manzullo of Elite RV assured commissioners that they would be using less than half of 1% of the city’s water.

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